Aug 4, 2008

8 Ball Meets 2 Balls

Name: Pool Table Pain
Premeditation: Yup. Looks like this guy lost a bet.
Score: 9.5

This would have had a 10 score, but if you know it's coming, it takes away from the pain a bit. At least, I hope it does. The good news is that this guy isn't going to have kids any time soon, so you won't have to worry about more guys like this running around. Dumbass.

Short But Sweet

Name: Vertical Skateboard Nutshot
Blood: None. Maybe some internally.
Score: 8

Why do I like this video so much? It seems like the kid in it is about 10-12 years old, which are the prime years for those kids to be annoying as hell. If something like this happens at such a young age, before the kid can get a job at Hot Topic and buy more hoodies than Charlie Sheen has mistresses, maybe he can be saved and have a fulfilling life of beating up the very friends he has in this video.