Jun 10, 2008

Power Line Nut Shot

This is the video that starts it all. I saw this one today and it inspired me to put together this blog. Our main focus will be nut shots, but we can expand to other parts of the body too. And we'll break down each instance into different categories.


Skateboarder Has Terribly Painful Landing - Watch more free videos

Name: Power Line Nutshot
Blood: Only on the inside.
Score: 10

Why not start this thing off right with a perfect score? Seriously, this video has everything you would look for in a classic nut shot video:

1. Skater dude getting a shot in the beanbag.
2. Complete reversal of direction upon impact.
3. The random friends slowly coming up (No need to run, fellas!) after it happens and not offering assistance.
4. A slow-mo replay.
5. Force of impact knocks the guy's shoe off!


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